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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions by parents and guardians.

If you have any further questions that are not stated below please feel free to Contact Us and one of our friendly educators will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiries.

Changes to booking Arrangements

Q: How long is the notice period if I wish to change my booking?

Four weeks notice is required in writing for any cancellations of days booked or when withdrawing your child’s place in the centre.

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Pricing and Fees

Q: How much does it cost to send my child per day?

At Jacobs E.L.C we charge $125.00 per day.

This pricing is based on providing children with their necessary daily needs:

  • All meals – breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snacks (optional).
  • Children’s learning/play supplies.
  • Enviromental upkeep – to keep your child’s play area a safe, hygienic  and exciting place.

Jacobs E.L.C is one of the cheapest centres in the Rowville area compared to other local early learning businesses.

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Q: Centrelink benefits.

Jacobs E.L.C works with Centrelink to assist families in payments.

Centrelink offers child care benefit options for those who qualify.

Visit their website for further information. https://www.centrelink.gov.au

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Q: After hours/late fees.

Jacobs E.L.C operates between the hours of  6:30am and 6:00pm weekdays.

Extra fees apply to those late for pick up.

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Dropping off and Picking up

Q: Do I have to Sign In/Out?

Yes, children are to be signed-in each morning. Sign-in sheets are located in the foyer.

The name of parent/guardian dropping off and arrival time must be recorded. Expected  pick up time and name of person collecting child must also be recorded.

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Q: What is the correct procedure when dropping my child off?

Children are to be brought into the building, signed in and delivered to an appropriate carer in their room or in family grouping room.

Children’s bags and personal items  are to be placed in their named pigeon holes located outside their rooms.

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Q: What is the correct procedure when picking up my child?

Children are to be signed out and care givers must enter their room or in family grouping room  to pick up their child.

For further information about your child’s day we encourage families to approach the appropriate carer.

Children’s bags, personal items and drink bottles  are to be taken home each day.

late fees apply to those picking up after operating hours.

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What to Bring

Q: What do I bring for my 0-2year old?

At least two changes of clothes, a drink bottle, a hat, coat (depending on the season) dummies, bottles with caps (formula already made), necessary comfort toys, nappy creams (when required).

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Q: What do I bring if my child is Toilet training ?

Children who are toilet training must be supplied with pull-ups from home and additional clothes including: underwear, pants, socks and shoes. Any wet or soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag to be taken home.

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Q: What do I bring for my 3-5year old?

At least one change of clothing, a drink bottle, a hat and a coat (depending on the season).

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Q: What items are supplied at Jacobs Early Learning Centre?

We provide Nappies  (in sizes newborn, crawler, walker and junior), wipes, Sunscreen and all meals.

Jacobs Early Learning also takes into consideration that sometimes spare items can be forgotten, therefore we also provide spare clothing and spare drink/milk bottles when necessary.

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Items and Toys From home

Q: Can my child bring an item from home?

Parents/Guardians are advised to leave their children’s toys at home. However, comfort items are more than welcome.

Jacobs Early Learning Centre has educational experiences and equipment for your child to engage in play and learning and we will not be liable for any lost or broken personal items brought into the centre.

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Q: Can my child bring toys in for show and tell?

Yes, we are more than happy for your child to bring in personal items for show and tell experiences, although we highly recommend these items be returned to your child’s bag afterwards to minimize risk of loss or breakage.

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Q: Can I bring in worksheets/homework for my child to complete during their day at Jacobs E.L.C?

Yes, although  opportunities  for additional one on one time may be rare.

Jacobs Educators plan a daily program filled with a variety of  different educational and play experiences  for your child and their class to be  engaged in during the day, we cannot guarantee it’s completion.

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Dietry Requirements

Q: Can Jacobs Early Learning Centre cater for my childs food needs?

Yes, we recommend you document  any dietary requirements  your child may have on your enrollment form as well as verbally informing educators, so we can appropriately care for your child’s nutritional needs.

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Q: What if my child has an allergy/food restriction?

Jacobs Early Learning Centre is more then happy to accommodate our menu to your child’s allergies and/or restrictions. We recommend all allergies and restrictions be correctly documented in your enrollment form along with any action plans.

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Custody and Access

Q: Who do I speak to concerning Custodial arrangements?

Management must be provided with a copy of any court orders relating to your child. Please notify us in writing of any changes to your custodial arrangements.

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