Long Day Care Services In Rowville

Long Day Care Services

Each child is an individual who deserves the right opportunities for learning, fun, physical and mental stimulation, and more. The options and opportunities children get early in life helps them to develop the right physical, emotional, and intellectual capabilities.

    • Do you want to ensure that your child has the right opportunities to make them independent and organized?
    • Are you searching for long daycare services while you are away from your child?
    • Is your child getting the best daycare services available in a family daycare center?

    Jacobs Early Learning Centre provides the premier long day care services in Melbourne with programs to ensure the overall development of children from the age of 0-5. Located in Rowville, our center is easily accessible for parents in southern and eastern Melbourne. Our full daycare services provide a great environment for your child while ensuring their personal development.

      Personal Care And Attention For Your Child

      At Jacobs, we provide personal care and attention for your child. We create a relaxed environment at our daycare center that helps your child to explore their potential. We assist and guide them to be well-behaved, independent, and confident.

      Regardless of their age, we understand each of our children and their needs. Our daycare educators and staff learn the routine of your child to ensure we do not disturb their sense of security. We follow their feeding and sleeping cycle and create an environment that mimics their home. With an optimal educator-to-child ratio, we ensure more attention for your child.

      A Well-Organised And Stimulating Environment

      Our child care facilities provide a well-organized and stimulating environment. Our programs include dedicated time for play, art, music, group activities, and more. At Jacobs, we encourage children to learn through games. We also have game-based activities that encourage independence and organisation.

      We allow your child to learn at their own pace with the appropriate mix of academic and co-curricular activities. We have created an environment that is convenient for the children to experience supervised independence.

      The Ideal Destination For Long Day Care

      At Jacobs, our day care services are convenient and flexible to the needs of employed parents. The daycare centre is open for children from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm on all weekdays, except public holidays.

      Jacobs Early Learning Centre is your ideal destination for long daycare if you work irregular hours or find yourself to be time poor.

      As a local centre, the quality and pricing of our child care services are aimed at helping families. This coupled with a secure, safe environment has made Jacobs the long daycare centre of choice for many parents wanting a caring centre, not a corporate entity, to look after their children.


      What Our Families are Saying

      Thank you for the many years of support. It is hard to believe that we brought an 8-month-old here back in 2008. Thank you for all the changes you have made since taking over. Thank you to all the staff. We hope this plant flourishes like our children did under your care.

      Cynara Adams

      We want to say thank you so much for the love and care you give us every day. Thank you for looking after us, making sure our tummies are full, wiping our noses, taking us to the toilet, picking us up and cuddling when we fall, teaching us to read and count, teaching us good values and discipline, holding us tight when we just have to cry, play with us and do storytimes, sing and dance with us which we always loved. You have made our parents happy and have given us the trust and confidence to leave us on your hands and to go to work with a peaceful mind knowing we’ve been looked after well. Thank you so much for everything and for making a fine difference in our lives.

      N & T

      Our Gallery

      Our Gallery contains images from just some of our many activities and experiences at Jacobs Early Learning Centre. It reflects on our programs that follow The Early Years Learning Framework  Australia (EYLF) – ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and it’s Learning Outcomes.

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