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Jacobs Early Learning Centre is an initiative from passionate educators, teachers, and child development professionals who realized a vision to encourage children to grow.

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Quality Focused/Driven Child Care In Rowville

Welcome to Jacobs Early Learning Centre – the name of quality-focused/driven child care center in Rowville, Melbourne. We are a premier child care center in Rowville with a passion for nurturing the next generation of children from a very young age. As a locally owned independent early learning center, we provide quality care for children.

At Jacobs, we facilitate safe, age-appropriate, and stimulating programs for children up to five years old. Our programs are run by qualified educators. The program primarily focuses on supporting children’s language, social and emotional wellbeing. With the intention to empower children to have the finest start in life and build a better future. 


Our Vision

Provide high-quality care in a play-based educational environment/setting.

Our Mission

To exceed parent’s expectations and provide exceptional care and learning in a nurturing environment.


Our Values

At Jacobs Early Learning Centre, we believe in respect for the social and cultural values of your family. 


An Amazing, Fun-Filled, And Friendly Environment

At our early learning center, we create an age-appropriate fun-filled environment that encourages your child that encourages to play and learn. We plan activities and experiences that provide opportunities for children to learn as they uncover, create, improve, visualize and experience elements of wonder. We also focus on supporting children’s individual developmental areas to achieve desired outcomes.

Concentration, Independence, Life Skills

Our programs and activities are carefully crafted to improve the concentration of children and to encourage independence while nurturing life skills. We are committed to developing programs that offer a foundation for lifelong learning.

Several studies show that early education significantly influences brain development in a positive way. We support and embody this theory. 

At Jacobs, we focus on encouraging the potential of our children. We provide them with materials, toys, and structures designed to stimulate their senses and work independently. For toddlers, we focus on motor skills and engage them in activities and programs that will enhance their fine and gross motor skills.

An Extension of The Family

As one of the leading child care service centers and kindergarten providers in Rowville, we offer you and your child an extension of the family environment with personalized care and attention. Our qualified educators thrive to build a positive relationship with your child/children and encourage them to reach their potential. They are fully attuned to child’s developmental needs and focus on achieving better outcomes for children.

What Our Families are Saying

Thank you for the many years of support. It is hard to believe that we brought an 8-month-old here back in 2008. Thank you for all the changes you have made since taking over. Thank you to all the staff. We hope this plant flourishes like our children did under your care.

Cynara Adams

We want to say thank you so much for the love and care you give us every day. Thank you for looking after us, making sure our tummies are full, wiping our noses, taking us to the toilet, picking us up and cuddling when we fall, teaching us to read and count, teaching us good values and discipline, holding us tight when we just have to cry, play with us and do storytimes, sing and dance with us which we always loved. You have made our parents happy and have given us the trust and confidence to leave us on your hands and to go to work with a peaceful mind knowing we’ve been looked after well. Thank you so much for everything and for making a fine difference in our lives.

N & T

Our Gallery

Our Gallery contains images from just some of our many activities and experiences at Jacobs Early Learning Centre. It reflects on our programs that follow The Early Years Learning Framework  Australia (EYLF) – ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and it’s Learning Outcomes.

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